QUIZ: Are You A Reality TV Villain Or Just A Boring, Bad Person?

Are you a messy bitch who loves to stir up shit and cause drama for an audience? Or are you just a boring, toxic person who hurts her loved ones and alienates everyone she meets? Sometimes it’s hard to tell whether you’re a sassy reality TV villain like Omarosa or Farrah Abraham or just a normal person who is boring and mean – if you’re wondering which camp you fall into, take this quiz to find out:


Are you hot?

  1. I’m smokin’ hot in a way that makes you love to hate me!
  2. I’m average-looking but my personality is worse and that’s all I really have going for me!


What happens when you stir up shit among your close friends?

  1. Yes! I know how to keep my friends close and my enemies closer, causing a ripple effect of drama that will last for multiple seasons, bitch!
  2. I hurt the people closest to me, but in the kind of way that won’t make it into their memoirs.


What typically happens when you have a birthday party?

  1. I get messy and start wine-yelling but in an extremely quotable way. People get pissed but they keep coming back, so…
  2. I get messy and start wine-yelling and make my estranged daughter cry again.


How big is your social media following?         

  1. I’m in the hundreds of thousands because people cannot stop watching this fabulous trainwreck!
  2. I’m not really good at social media, or being an interesting person.



What do you do when someone confronts you?

  1. My squad gathers behind me, yelling “TELL HER!” until I tell that bitch! Then the whole restaurant is like “OHHHH!!!!”
  2. I’m like “haha u suck” and they’re like “okay this is the last straw this friendship is over” and I’m like “k.”




Mostly A’s: You’re a reality star villain, bitch!

You are the woman everyone loves to hate, and they can’t stop watching! It’s because you’re terrible but in a fun, sassy way. We definitely wouldn’t try it ourselves, but we can’t stop watching you!


Mostly B’s: You’re a boring, bad person!

Whoa, did anyone ever tell you “Go to therapy?” You should have listen to them! You managed to never fully develop a personality and have been taking it out on everyone else ever since! Watch out – it’s gonna suck to die alone and boring!