How to Achieve Personal Growth When All Your Flaws Are Adorable

As you go along in life, it’s important to always strive to improve as a person. But that can be tricky: growth requires often difficult introspection and hard work, and also sometimes your personal shortcomings are just so dang cute! But don’t fret, here are some tips on how to achieve personal growth, even when all your flaws are adorable.


Look deeply into yourself.

Self-development requires looking inwards and owning all of your imperfections. So when all of your flaws are actually super endearing, it means you’ll have to look even deeper. Your personality is perfect and you’re a charming, charismatic person to be around, but have you considered that you burp kind of a lot? It’s pretty precious, but maybe it’s something you could work on?



There’s no better way to humble yourself and grow internally than to volunteer your time with those less fortunate than you. Working at an animal shelter or serving food at a soup kitchen can feed you spiritually and also give you the opportunity to show off your near-immaculate temperament and disposition. As a bonus, you can channel your not-even-really-bad-actually-pretty-delightful shortcomings, like your grating laugh or tactless sense of humor, into making someone smile. You rock, mostly!


See the best in others.

People aren’t perfect. And while you are the closest thing to being perfect, it’s crucial to your personal growth that you strive to see the best in others. If someone is being short with you, consider that they may be having a bad day. If a coworker isn’t doing their share, consider that they may be having a hard time and doing their best regardless. Sure, you might let a few curse words slip out at the offenders because you have a pretty short fuse yourself, but that isn’t a problem and is actually so effing adorable! Keep being you!


Forgive and let go.

Forgiveness is difficult, but so is holding onto a grudge. If you’re striving to be a better person, make sure you take steps to forgive others and let go of anger: it’s for the sake of your own sanity and development! And while you are someone who has maybe done some horrible things to your friends and loved ones, they should know that these are actually just teensy-weensy, cutesy-wutesy insignificant flawed personality traits that they should respect as a part of you. And if they don’t forgive you, that’s their issue, not yours! You don’t have to change for anyone, including for yourself! Why are you even reading this article? You are faultless and ideal the way you are!


Personal growth is an important step for all adults to take. In your case, you really shouldn’t have to do so, because your imperfections are precious and endearing. But use any of these tips should you decide to do it anyway. God, you’re so good!