5 Quirky Ways to Ask for an Orgasm After He’s Finished

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Woe is the quirky doe-eyed lady who finds herself wanting more in bed after her man has reached personal ecstasy! You’re probably modern-minded enough to know you technically deserve an orgasm, but you don’t want to turn into an gross, demanding woman to get one. Here are five tips to ask for that orgasm without sacrificing your hard-earned quirk!


Shrug a Bunch!

Nothing says, “we’re not finished here” like a series of shrugs! Sure, your boy toy is passed out in post-coital bliss beside you, but he’ll know something’s up when he feels your body weight rhythmically shifting beside him as your throw your shoulders up and down until he guesses what’s wrong. Shrugging not quirky enough? Scrunch your nose up like a cute kitten to up your quirk quota 1000%!


Quilt it!

When words fail, quilts speak—at least that’s your quirky-as-fuck motto! Think about what gets you off, and then quilt that scene to give to your guy. When he gets a quilt with a picture of him going down on you, he’ll definitely get the hint—that you’re still waiting to come AND that you’re defined by your charmingly quaint hobbies!


Play a Song!

Whip out that ukulele to play a twee tune to make your point. Write your own lyrics about how you’re going to need more foreplay, or if you’re worried that will be too forward, forego words and put it all in the melody. Pleasure may be complex, but this song won’t be since you only know four chords. Take this to the next level by wearing your kitty onesie and show him your whimsy just won’t quit!



Bat Your Eyes in Code!

Like Jean-Dominique Bauby of The Diving Bell and the Butterfly, you too can telepath meaning by blinking your eyes. Finally those long beautiful lashes and vacant looks can amount to some much needed communication with your sexual partner! Tell him to listen up, and then don’t utter a word as you blink away the sentence, “I need you to take me from behind so that you hit my G-spot. Also I have a few teacher-student fantasies that I’d like to try. I will always be the student.”


Giggle Differently than Normal!

You’re so goddamn adorable, you can’t help but giggle at almost anything! Your boy can always count on you for a wide-eyed positive attitude, whether you’re talking about your newfound love for beekeeping or your timeless love for keeping your hair bow on while you sleep! But if you giggle differently than normal, he’s sure to notice something’s wrong! Be careful, though! This quirky little giggle may only serve in getting him off, and before you know it you’ll be at it again! Just hope this time he thinks of your pleasure for even one second… but he probably won’t! Aw, shucks!


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