REPORT: Unclear Whether Friend Liked You on Hinge as a Joke

In a developing story out of your bedroom, it is becoming increasingly unclear whether your friend who you just matched with on Hinge actually wants to bone, or is just making a lil’ joke about how he just happened to come across your profile.


Your friend, Matt, who you took a few classes with in college, messaged you, “Oh hey cutie, didn’t think I would see you here!! ;))” as he liked you on Hinge, making it extremely unclear if he was being ironic or sincere.


While you and Matt have literally never flirted, you now wonder if he was just shy because he was into you. Also, the picture that he liked was your designated funny Hinge picture, where you were doing a walrus face with two straws up your nose, so maybe this was all just a joke. Or was it?


“I’m really not sure how to proceed,” you say. “I don’t want to pursue anything with Matt at all, but I also don’t want dismiss a funny moment with an old friend.”


“Alternatively, if he was secretly pining for me this whole time that wouldn’t be so bad, for self-esteem reasons.”


His mostly blurry Hinge profile pictures do nothing to shed light on the matter.



“One of his answers to the hinge prompt, ‘I’m looking for”’is, ‘My keys, have u seen them,’ indicating that this is all just a game to this guy,” you say. “However, there is also the possibility that this chill and funny approach is a way to make himself seem more approachable on a more serious dating app. It’s really a conundrum.”


When you like him back to be nice and clarify the whole situation, he immediately sent you a Mind Blown emoji, maybe indicating that his mind may be blown by the fact you liked him back, or potentially nothing at all.


At press time, you had moved on to find your older brother’s old high school friend on Hinge, and had forgotten about the whole Matt ordeal.