Friend Who Followed Her Dreams Unfortunately Doing Pretty Well

In a piece of unfortunate news, that one friend who pursued her dreams is actually doing pretty well right now.


“Margot was always passionate about acting,” said a college acquaintance, Brian. “We all laughed at her for wanting to seriously pursue a career in entertainment because of the unlikeliness of finding success. But now, despite all conceivable odds, she’s crushing it.”


Brian said he pursued accounting because it was “sensible” and “predictable.”


“I make okay money,” said Brian scowling at a billboard of Margot for her upcoming movie, “Plus I’m not even happy. Like…she just gets to have both?”


Other former classmates and friends of Margot have also opened up regarding the pain they feel about their old friend’s success.


“I’m pissed that I never supported her,” confessed Margot’s ex-girlfriend Layla. “The last time I texted her, I said ‘oh you still doing that whole acting thing?’ and that was months before her first breakout role that won her a Golden Globe. I would’ve totally believed in her if I’d known she’d could’ve got me into a cool A-list party someday.”


“And she’s talented too,” said Layla bitterly while looking at a photo of the two on their first date, “Like why couldn’t she be one of those actresses who everyone thinks is trash but only made it because they have rich parents? Why did she have to work her way up and be good? Should I have pursued my dreams? Fuck, I’m spiraling.”


When ex-roommate Polly was asked by TMZ if she had any dirt on Margot, Polly shook her head.



“God, no, she wasn’t even a little problematic,” Said Polly rolling her eyes and showing old Facebook pictures of Margot baking for charity. “She was a good roommate, she was basically never home. She was always out rehearsing and performing. And then on the weekends, she volunteered with the kids theater. Not even one bad tweet, I’ve looked. Some people just earn everything, it’s so unfair!”


“I can’t believe it. The rule is, you’re not supposed to follow your dreams so that you can be a productive member of society with a corporate job, a mortgage, and a few kids. Margot broke all those rules. And is doing well?” said Brian, fuming, “I hate her.”