Woman Puts Straight Cis Boyfriend in Dog Collar So She Can Bring Him to Pride

In a kink-friendly story coming out of New York, NY, bisexual woman Grace Newburgh was torn when deciding whether or not to take her straight cis boyfriend to the Pride Parade, until she came up with a genius plan to get him inside without anyone batting an eye: putting a dog collar around his neck!


“I know that there’s a lot of debate about whether kink should be at Pride or not,” Grace told us. “But I didn’t want to leave my 100% straight boyfriend, Trevor, at home, so I decided to sneak him in as someone with a leather doggy kink!”


“Problem solved!” Grace said, tugging on her boyfriend’s leash.



Grace went with a group of her other queer friends to the event, most of which were confused but ambivalent about Grace’s decision.


“I mean, it’s weird to bring your straight cis boyfriend to Pride, and it’s also weird to put a dog collar on him even though that’s not what he’s into sexually,” Grace’s friend, Tabatha, said. “But I honestly don’t even care. I’m just here to have fun.”


Another one of Grace’s friends, Max, also chimed in to talk about her decision to disguise her straight boyfriend as someone with a puppy play fetish.


“I guess it’s fine?” they said. “Either way, it’s pretty funny.”


When asked why she needed her non-queer boyfriend to come to the parade so badly, Grace was very clear in her response.


“Just because I’m with a man doesn’t make me any less queer,” Grace told us. “And I want him to celebrate that too. I just don’t want anyone else to think that we’re in a non-kinky, straight relationship. So clearly, this was the only option.”


We unfortunately couldn’t reach Trevor for a comment because he was wearing a muzzle.