REPORT: I’ve Had It

In a still developing story out of my mental health and fortitude, reports show that I have absolutely fucking had it.


The news comes as a surprise to almost no one after witnessing three years of mass death, a complete failure of my government to care for the health of its most vulnerable citizens, the continued protection of systematic white supremacy, exponential wealth disparity, unchecked mass shootings, legislative attacks on trans people’s existence, and now the overturning of Roe v. Wade.


Experts are quick to confirm that I’ve had it just about up to here.


“I would say the main reason so many people have had it, is that they live in a country that either actively wants them dead, or is indifferent to whether they live or die,” says my therapist, Dr. Elaine Goldman. “There is not really a therapeutic cure for this – I can help patients develop better self-esteem or understandings of their childhood, but there is no cure for the anguish of existing in the failing state of America.”



While reports are just now indicating that I’ve had it, history shows that many before me have had it for quite some time.


“I’ve had it for as long as I can remember,” says housing justice organizer Fatima Jones. “And I have spent my life working to make things less terrible while also trying to preserve my energy and wellness so I can continue doing this work, but on certain days, you just can’t.”


Sources including history and common sense indicate that the worst is absolutely yet to come, so today I am going to stew in anger and grief, then I will continue to have had it, but also do my job and pay my rent, and give as much material support as I can to people in low-income areas of states that will soon ban abortion entirely now in spite of rising costs and plenty of other people in need, all because of an arbitrary set of Supreme Court justices that were appointed by a malignant narcissist in the most undemocratic manner that we still allow in this country for some reason.


Sources report I will be throwing objects at the wall for a good hour before I get back to it.