Boyfriend Unaware That You Manifested Him

In breaking news out of Charlotte, NC, despite being together for more than two years, your boyfriend is still completely unaware of the fact that you completely manifested him.


According to our correspondents, Kyle thinks that you two naturally met at a mutual friend’s party in 2019, but what he doesn’t know is that a month before that party you spent hours upon hours charging various crystals to bring him into your life.


Kyle told reporters that he is “so lucky” to have you, which is really sweet, especially considering he has no idea that he’s only here because you wanted him to be.


While it remains challenging, you’ll reportedly never tell him that you two are only together because you burned twelve different love candles in the span of two weeks.


“I was just telling my mom how he’s everything I could have ever wanted in a man,” you say, despite knowing that this is because you wrote every positive and negative trait that he would have during the new moon in Aquarius before you met.


Obviously, all of your friends know what you did to get a boyfriend, because you kept them updated via group chat, but they would never tell Kyle either.


“I’m afraid that she might hex me,” says your friend Marisa. “I didn’t use to take this stuff seriously, but the strength of her relationship is convincing me otherwise.”



Since you both got together, your relationship has been going strong. So strong, in fact, that you think he might propose soon – not because he’s said anything about it, but because you’ve been doing marriage spells on him while he’s been asleep next to you.


We think you already know it’ll be a beautiful ceremony.