Which Word from ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Title are You?

Pretty Little Liars - Reductress

1. You have a date Friday night! What do you wear?
a. Something super cute. Being beautiful is everything. Being “pretty”… even better.

b. Something in a size “small.” Because that’s my size!

c. I’m not going to lie to you. ;) Okay I am!!!!


2. Your man is going fishing with his bros for the weekend…
a. You have a huge problem with that. But it’s okay, because you have your prettiness.

b. You’re okay with it. You would go, but you’re very little (about the size of a fish) and no water is too shallow for you.

c. You tell him you’re going fishing too, and then you never show up. Because you lied.


3. You and your girlfriends are planning a girls’ night out. You have to decide where to eat dinner.
a. You choose somewhere with lighting that’ll make you look your prettiest. It honestly doesn’t even have to be a restaurant. It could literally just be by a streetlamp that highlights your lipstick.

b. You invite your girls over and feed everybody one cheese cube. You can’t afford to be big! That would take away the one thing that describes you: being little.

c. You tell your friends you’re going to make reservations at a restaurant on the beach. Little do they know, you all live in Kentucky!


4. Your friends ask you what you love most about yourself…

a. You say, “My looks. Like, in a visceral, sort of eerie way. This is a cry for help.”

b. You say, “My size. Like, in a visceral, sort of eerie way. This is a cry for help.”

c. You say, “My honesty. Like, in a visceral, sort of eerie way. This is not a cry for help.”



If you answered mainly A’s: You’re Pretty! Girlfriend, you love nothing more than being pretty. I mean, look at how blatant those options are! Is your beauty really that important to you?  You are straight up the word “Pretty” from “Pretty Little Liars.”


If you answered mainly B’s: You’re Little! Wow, how tiny are you? Someone, get your friends a magnifying glass, ‘cause you are little for sure. There is really no doubt about it.


If you answered mainly C’s: You’re a Liar! You just can’t keep a story straight, can you? Should you even have friends? You’re not pretty; you’re not little; you’re a liar. You should really get some help.