Male Feminist Reclaims The Word ‘Bitch’

As of this past week, self-proclaimed male feminist Jonny Mole declared boldly that he planned to reclaim the word “bitch,” as an act of solidarity with the feminist movement.


“Although it’s been used as a sexist slur since its inception,” says Mole, “I feel it’s time for me to reclaim ‘bitch’ for the women I support, and for the hags who need to be taken down a peg.”


Mole claims his use of the word transcends sexism and his own male privilege, as he’s listened to at least three female friends talk about their periods without interrupting them.


“Frankly, it deeply offends me when women call me out on my use of the word bitch,” laments Mole. “I’m just a male feminist attempting to reclaim a hurtful and denigrating word by using it all the time.”


“I really wish they would calm down, and listen to my thoroughly researched, sound explanations on why my use of ‘bitch’ is progressive.”



Despite some backlash, Jonny Mole has let friends and family know he will bravely press on as a warrior for social justice, breaking boundaries of sexism and patriarchy left and right with his personal rebranding of misogynistic language.


He adds, “I’m just an in-your-face kind of feminist, I guess.”


“As someone who respects women, I think it’s more empowering for me to employ sexist language, to remind people of why it was problematic in the first place.” He adds, “As a male feminist, I’m willing to take that responsibility.”


Although he’s a political trendsetter, Jonny Mole is technically not the first to reclaim the word, as many feminist groups have redefined it to define a strong woman. However, Mole is still making large strides for the betterment of gender equality.


“Plus, I like to say it when I’m having sex.”