Which Word From The Title ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2’ Are You?

If you’re not a total spaz, you’re definitely looking forward to the follow-up to My Big Fat Greek Wedding! And like all romantic comedies, this movie is actually about you… but which word from the title, exactly? Choose which of the following you relate to most to find out!


If you have trouble throwing anything out: “My”

Though certain people may call you a packrat, you prefer the term “possession hamster”—because you hoard things in an adorable way! Congratulations! You are “My”! You’re gonna love this movie!


If you have younger siblings: “Big”

If you were born before brothers and sisters you are either biologically related to or know through a mentoring program you volunteer with, congratulations! You are “Big”! Just like John Corbett!


If you don’t look like the women in magazines: “Fat”

If you feel like everyone can tell that you have tissue and organs under your skin and you feel vague societal disproval for simply occupying space, congratulations! You are “Fat”! You’ll really relate to the main character played by Nia Vardalos!


If you have ethnic ancestry deriving from the land of Greece: “Greek”

Congratulations! You are “Greek”! You’re really gonna love this movie!



If you can be fun, but not always: “Wedding”

If you serve both legal and social function, congratulations! You are “Wedding”! There is a wedding in this movie.


If you are a silver medal, a standard lead pencil, the less-popular Sarah in a class, a lolspeak spelling of “to” or “too,” solid human waste, or a sequel to a motion picture that found at least moderate box office success: “2”

If you identify as one or more of the above, congratulations! You are “2”!


No matter which word from the title My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 you are, you’re definitely going to make a ton of money through the power of familiarity. Congratulations!