6 Times Taylor Swift Totally Sang a Very Catchy Song

We all know Taylor Swift is a popular singer. But did you know she has also been known to sing some very catchy songs?! Like seriously, foot-tapping, earworm-level little ditties. Here are six times this songstress who can sing totally sang a very catchy song.


1. That time she sang “You Belong with Me”

Taylor released this hit when she just a teenager! With lyrics like “She wears short skirts/I wear t-shirts,” it is very catchy and also it’s a song that she sang. We don’t totally love its message about pursuing unavailable men, but the chorus wound its way through our heads until we found ourselves rhythmically chanting against our own will!


2. That time she hooked us with “Blank Space”

This is a more recent hit. The person who sang it is—you guessed it—Taylor Swift. It’s damn near impossible to listen to without hearing it in your head for hours after, which we’re pretty sure is the definition of catchy. Whoa—who knew Taylor was so involved with singing catchy songs?


3. That time she repeatedly shouted “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together”

Okay this was from a while ago, but also definitely Taylor Swift sang this song. It’s got sort of a thumpy chorus, like boom, boom, boom, boom. We don’t necessarily recommend giving this much attention to a man you are supposedly done with, but it’s hard to argue with a thumping beat. When we listen to this song, we feel so woke! (Woke means “awake” right?)



4. That time she crooned “Wildest Dreams”

While this song is pretty good for an obvious Lana Del Ray cast-off, the video is also problematic for many, many reasons. We found ourselves humming it at the oddest times, we woke from dreams singing it, recoiling in horror, and then we gave in to its gentle suffocating embrace. Ahhh-AHHH-haaaa, indeed!


5. That time she rhythmically hypnotized us with “Bad Blood”

We are pretty sure this song won some awards. Taylor Swift doesn’t sing for a lot of it when Kendrick Lamar is rapping. But then Taylor Swift DOES sing. Also, we are pretty sure this song is about some serious girl-on-girl rivalry and we can’t get behind that. But FUCK, we really like the catchiness. It is very, very catchy.


6. That time she shook us from this mortal coil with “Shake It Off”

This song is a fun pop hit. The pop singer who sings it is Taylor Swift! This song is harmless and fun. Okay wait, we’re getting word that the video actually co-opts black culture in some really fucked up ways. Okay and black bodies are featured in this video in a really upsetting way. But the chorus. Good god, the chorus. We CANNOT shake it off. Shake it off. CATCH-Y!


Yikes! Are there any catchy songs Tay-Tay didn’t sing? We’re literally banging our heads against the wall trying to get these ones out of them. Help us!