Hot Celebrities I Would Love To Be My Son

There are so many steamy celebrity men making waves in Hollywood right now. Some are red carpet vets, while others are new to the biz. But there’s one thing they all have in common—they would all make truly wonderful sons. Here are the top six hottest celebrities I wish I gave birth to and raised as my own. Swoon!


Chris Pratt

Chris Pratt went from loveable goofball to total hunk in what seemed like the blink of an eye. From his tenure on Parks and Rec to his rapid transformation into one of the world’s biggest movie stars, it’s been a joy watching him grow up. I would love to feel the pride only a mother can feel for this remarkable (and sexy) talent.


Idris Elba

This chiseled, charming actor is such a Hollywood success story. Not to mention the appeal of that entrancing British accent! If he were my son, I would be beaming with pride at his recent work in Beasts of No Nation. Even as a sexy grown-up warlord, you just want to pinch his sweet little cheeks and kiss him hard on the mouth! I would like to throw him a birthday party—nothing big, just the family.


Ryan Gosling

Everyone remembers when R-Gos stole all of our hearts as the quiet, brooding romantic in The Notebook. Nowadays, he spends his time with his newborn daughter Esmerelda and beautiful partner Eva Mendes. I would love to hold a long, unreasonably bitter grudge towards Eva that only a potential mother-in-law could maintain. But alas, I can only dream of experiencing such a fierce maternal instinct for this often-shirtless young stud.



Chris and Liam Hemsworth

Who wouldn’t want to be the matriarch of the Hemsworth family? These bros are seriously hitting their stride in the industry right now. Imagine rushing these two to soccer practices, theater classes, and sleepovers, all while trying to keep them humble in the face of their massive success and sultry looks! I would dress them in matching outfits and they would be my sons. And don’t ask me to pick my favorite of the two—a mother never tells!


Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds is the goofy, clean-cut sweetheart we all wish we could have accompanied on elementary school field trips, right? He seems like such a real guy; one you would be equally comfortable rocking to sleep in your arms or making passionate love to. Mama bear always protects her cub!


Let’s face it—not one of these Hollywood heartthrobs will ever be my son, and I will never experience the thankless but rewarding job that is being the mother of a sexpot. But hey, a gal can dream!