How to Get Natalie Portman’s Harvard Degree

Ever since her debut as Padmé Amidala in the Star Wars prequels, women across the globe have been dying to emulate Natalie Portman’s flawless beauty, effortless style, and stunning IQ score of 140. And, while we may not all have personal stylists, makeup artists on call, or fluency in five languages, there are some easy tips and tricks that anyone can use to achieve her goal of matriculating at the world’s top-ranked university, just like Natalie!


Score over 2100 on the SAT.

The first step to obtaining the irresistible charm that comes with a Harvard diploma is getting in to Harvard. Yipes! In order to compete against the thousands of other potential cancer curers, Great American novelists, and recipients of the Oscar for Best Actress, you’ll need to woo the admissions officers with your cranium and its performance on the Scholastic Aptitude Test. To be sure you’re in tip-top shape for the big day, we recommend following a strict study schedule, such as those prescribed by The Princeton Review or Kaplan, or hiring a personal tutor for some one-on-one sessions. Natalie probably didn’t even need to study, but we can’t all be Natalie!


Get involved in your community.

Harvard is always looking for students who are involved in some type of community outreach or service. Plus, there’s nothing sexier than a woman who isn’t afraid to let loose and show off her compassionate side. So get out there and aid a doctor at the local hospital, assist a lab researcher while he or she makes a cutting-edge scientific discovery, or teach children to read at the nearby elementary school! The scouts will be watching, just like they were watching Natalie. See? You don’t have to be a star to act like a star!



Work, work, work!

You might think it’s smooth sailing once you get in, but if you want to earn that fabulous degree, you’re going to have to keep your eye on the prize (just like saving up for your first Birkin bag!). We won’t lie: It’s going to require several all-nighters, lots of networking with professors, and possibly putting your budding film career on hold for a few years. But it will all be worth it when you walk across the stage to receive your diploma, knowing you are one step closer to being Natalie Portman, bona fide celeb.



Read books.

Yeah, sure, some of us might not be able to get into Harvard or live with crippling debt, but we can all take advantage of the knowledge-enhancing properties of reading! The educational benefits of books have been lauded for hundreds of years, and fashion and beauty icons such as Coco Chanel, Marie Antoinette, and Madonna reportedly used them regularly to expand their knowledge and worldview. But, more importantly, so does Natalie Portman. Books, here you come!


We can’t all have Natalie Portman’s perfect cheekbones or intellectual aptitude, but with a little perseverance, we can all have her Harvard degree (or close to it!).