How to Do Nerdy Chic Even Though You Never Learned to Read

Nerdy Chic - Reductress

Literate women everywhere are embracing their nerdy sides this year by welcoming “Geek Chic” apparel into their wardrobes. But what if you’re not a nerd? What if you never actually learned how to read? Fear not, fashionistas; just because you had to have someone read you this article doesn’t mean you can’t make Nerdy Chic work for you. Here’s how:


1. Get some cute, stylish reading glasses, whether you need them or not (you don’t, you can’t read) – Stylish reading lenses are the foundation of a Geek Chic look, even if their functionality is mostly lost on you. A thick pair of bifocals scream “cute”, “quirky”, and “my parents started me off with Green Eggs And Ham at an acceptable age” – yours didn’t, but two out of three ain’t bad, compared to your reading scores!


2. Carry a book bag or a backpack – Messenger bags and backpacks are essential accessories for the Nerdy Chic look. Sure, they’re designed to accommodate heavy stacks of reading material you never learned to use, but that shouldn’t stop you from proudly slinging a trendy satchel across your illiterate chest! Simply stuff your new backpack with items from around the house – cotton balls, DVDs, your roommates framed photo of her siblings. Wear it with confidence and no one will ever suspect your nerdy chic book bag is filled with picture books and lip gloss!



3. Sport ironic tees with jokes from cult classics, comics, any book, really – Here’s where things get tricky, since most ironic tees contain symbols from the alphabet that you’re not equipped to decipher. We suggest hitting up a local Urban Outfitters or American Apparel where the graphic tee selection will, more likely than not, contain the cute amount of irony your nerdy ensemble needs. Not comfortable blindly labeling your body with text you can’t read? Simply trick a store clerk into reading your options out loud. Be sure to ask leading questions like, “I love how this shirt says…what is it again?” or a slightly less subtle approach, like, “Read this out loud, woman!” If all else fails, find one with a cat. Nerds love cats. C-A-T. You can do it, pal!


Regardless of your reading level, a Nerdy Chic look is now yours for the taking.  Now get out there and show the world you don’t need to be able to understand your language’s written symbols in order to look the part. That’s it, sound it out: Nerdy. Chic. Ner-Dee Sh-Eek. Forget it.