What to Do If You’re Spending Galentine’s Day Alone This Year

With all the fairytale media images of gal pals and squad goals, it might seem like you’re the only one spending February 13th on your own. And to be honest, you couldn’t find even one lonely lady to do brunch with? Maybe you should be sad. Regardless of why you don’t have a stacked deck of besties this Galentine’s Day, you don’t have to spend it rolling your eyes at that group of friends walking arm in arm down the street, or obsessively checking your Facebook to confirm that no one has thanked you for being her friend. Instead, you can spend Galentine’s Day using these tips to celebrate the only person in your life who matters: you!


Treat Yourself

While everyone else is out splitting checks at brunch, talking about how much they appreciate each other, and exchanging sweet homemade gifts, take this opportunity to focus on you. Make a cute friendship bracelet and give it to yourself—it will remind you of yourself every time you see it! Bake a batch of muffins that are too delicious to share. Wear both halves of a “BEST FRIENDS” necklace. Who needs friends when you can bask in the approximation of contentment?



Make a List of Reasons Why You Would Be a Good Friend

You are an amazing person, no matter how many chicks bailed on you today. It’s important to remember that it’s not your fault that you don’t have any sisters from other misters right now. You are a great person who one day will make a super good friend to a lucky woman; why not make a list of the reasons why. For example: You love reading. You are great at hand-washing your bras every night. You are smart. Wow, look at that list! You go, girl!


Marathon Anything That Doesn’t Pass the Bechdel Test

Other gals will be watching Bridesmaids, Parks and Rec, Gilmore Girls, and Sex and the City, but honey, you don’t want to do that to yourself. Not today. This is a day to focus on the many, many movies and television shows that completely ignore relationships between women. So get in your jammies, make yourself some popcorn, and start that Aaron Sorkin or Lord of the Rings binge-watching sesh. You deserve it!


Get Drunk—Alone!

All the close bitches of the world are probably out day drinking right now, but you have something better to do: solo drinking! Whether you go to a bar or nurse a bottle of Moscato while not listening to the Spice Girls, you have our permission to get weird. Abbi and Ilana have nothing on you, and there are two of them!


Remind Yourself That Having Gals in Your Life Wouldn’t Make Your Life Perfect

You might find yourself slipping into the mindset that all you need for happiness is a few close friends. But here’s the truth; friends aren’t that great. They only ask you questions so that you will ask a reciprocal question, they make you leave an awesome party with them when they get too fucked up, they think you should stop messing around with the wrong guys. It’s important to stay realistic, especially if you’re really drunk.



Hang Out With Your Boyfriend

Who said you didn’t have anyone to hang out with? Give your sexy male boyfriend a call and invite him over to celebrate the relationships that matter: the ones that could potentially end in marriage. You’ll find plenty to do that you and your non-existent female friends never do. Like sex!


If you follow these tips, Galentine’s Day should pass by in no time. You are your own person who doesn’t need anyone else to make you whole. Just keep charging blindly on without any kind of sounding board like you always have, and you’ll do just fine. And remember: Galentine’s Day is just a corporate holiday invented by television and the people you used to call friends!