Therapist Should Offer Middle-of-the-Night Appointments if She Really Wants to Hear the Good Shit

Dr. Maya H. Jackson has provided her clients with excellent therapy for years, but according to her clients, she should start offering middle-of-the-night appointments if she really wants to hear the really good, twisted, fucked up shit.


“I’ve gone to Dr. Jackson for about two years now,” one client, Olivia Hernandez, told us. “But after all those sessions, I still feel like we haven’t really gotten to the bottom of what’s giving me such bad anxiety. Maybe if she accepted calls at 3 o’clock in the morning once in a while, we’d make a lot more progress.”


However, despite her clients requesting these late night/early morning appointments, Dr. Jackson remains unmoved in how she plans to run her practice.


“I can’t take calls past midnight,” Dr. Jackson told us. “I have my own life, one that I have to wake up at a normal morning hour to maintain. As a therapist, I want my clients to make improvements, but not at the cost of my own sleep.”


Despite Dr. Jackson’s explanation for not accepting middle-of-the-night calls, her clients still feel she’s on the wrong side of history.


“I just feel like if you want your therapy to be good, you should be available to hear what people are thinking after they’ve been scrolling on three different social media apps for hours instead of going to sleep,” said another one of Dr. Jackson’s clients, Aisha Montgomery. “If you’re not really interested in the business of helping people, then just say that!”



Another one of her clients told us that they aren’t even in the headspace for therapy at their regular session time of 2 p.m. on Wednesdays.


“In the afternoon of a day in the middle of the week, I don’t have any complaints at all,” Trey Williams, another client, told us. “I need therapy when I’m faced with my deepest darkest thoughts, when I can’t talk to anyone else because the sun is about to rise.”


At press time, Dr. Jackson still has no plans to expand her practice’s hours to a 24 hour schedule, but she will start accepting voice memos or things written in the Notes app in the middle of the night to address in her clients’ next appointments.