Woman Financially Ruined After Brunch

In a heartbreaking story coming out of Brooklyn, NY, 28-year-old Nia Hendricks faced extreme financial hardship after going out to brunch with her besties.


“I never thought this would happen to me,” Nia told us. “I felt relatively comfortable before brunch happened, but after getting bottomless mimosas, a shared appetizer, and one entrée, I was left with no choice but to file for bankruptcy.”


Nia is now reportedly scrambling to pick up the pieces after her extravagant meal with the girls last weekend.


“No one warns you how fast you can lose everything,” Nia told us. “Well, maybe they do, but not while you’re eating a really good frittata with your third bellini.”


When asked how she plans on getting back on her feet, Nia told us that she’d already made a plan, but that it unfortunately didn’t pan out in the way she wanted.


“I was planning on taking out a loan to get everything back in order,” she said, “But I found out that there aren’t any banks that offer ‘brunch loans’: y’know, loans that would help you pay for more brunch.”


“I used to think that brunch was an investment,” she continued. “Like, an investment for me to be my best self and gossip with my friends, but I guess the system really is broken. Now I have to pick up a second job just to make up for this devastating loss.”


At the end of her rope, Nia hopes that the expectations for brunch will change, and that someday it’ll be more affordable.


“Brunch should be a fun little outing for you and your friends,” Nia added, “without the threat of anyone losing both their savings and retirement fund all before dinnertime.”




Despite filing for bankruptcy, Nia still remains hopeful that she’ll be attending brunch again very soon.


“Yeah, I’m still going to brunch next weekend,” Nia told us. “I’m obviously not gonna miss brunch! C’mon now.”