5 Home Goods to Prove You Love Living Alone

Just like your friends talk about their husbands, you knew your new studio apartment was “The One.” Decorate with these tastefully curated home goods that will make your married girlfriends jealous of your carefree, single lifestyle.


Perfectly Bare End Table

Your friends won’t be able to stop comparing your pristine “just for show” table to their cluttered surfaces, piled high with man clutter and children’s toys. Relax after a hard day with a long stare into the emptiness of this delightfully barren table.


Embroidered Throw Pillows

Your married friends will be so jealous their husbands don’t let them decorate with items of such delicate detail. Plus they’re great for having a good cry on – the tears of joy you’ll shed after six straight hours of Downton, uninterrupted by football games and baby feedings.


Tea Lights

Something small can change your life, as your friends with kids already know,. So pick up some adorable bright shining candles to warm your heart! The money you’re saving on diapers can buy thousands of them.



Leopard Print Rug

Remember when all your sorority sisters swore they’d never get married? Channel your sorority days with this fierce throw. No man could handle a rug this sassy – so you’ve basically won.


Antique Mirror

Your girlfriends will wish they didn’t have families to keep them busy when they hear about your new hobby – antiquing. You’ve got so much carefree time to spend picking out this mirror, positioning it in your bedroom, and admiring it from your comfortable pillow-bedecked bed.


Most of all, your married friends will be jealous of the peacefulness of your inner sanctum. Make sure they know just how much you enjoy and appreciate it!