How To Find Alone Time Without Making Him Feel Alone

Let’s face it: No matter how strong your relationship is, you still need some alone time. Whether it be a day at the spa, an afternoon in the mall, or just a night out with your girlfriends, every woman needs some time to herself. But how can you replenish your individual self without making your man feel ignored, useless, like he doesn’t even matter to you? Here are some ways to do you, but still include him:


Text him constantly.

If you’re within range of a cell tower, remind him that even though you’re thinking about yourself, you’re still thinking about him via text. Or just let the texts flood in as soon as you find service on top of that mountain. Sure, you’re beautiful, meditative hike won’t be quite as peaceful or recharging, but your man has batteries too, and you’re depleting them by leaving him alone all afternoon. Update your man incessantly on where you parked your car, what color snake you saw, and how many bird calls you can identify. This constant flow of communication and never-ending stream of consciousness toward him is the least you can do when focusing on yourself.


Bring him souvenirs from your travels.

Even though you were off on your own enjoying your individuality and decompressing from your stressful life, let him know that you were thinking of him the whole time – with souvenirs! Even though you are getting a little fried from work, school, and even your relationship, this is a way to show him that your attempts to relax and detox your mind are not an attempt to get away from him.



If you’re taking a drive, bring him a candy bar from the gas station. If you’re shopping, buy him a cool jacket. If you’re doing yoga, bring him a drawing you made of the two of you between poses. It’s these little reminders that you can’t escape your own thoughts of him that will make him feel secure if he thinks you’re trying to escape him.


Bring him with you.

The easiest way to make sure your man doesn’t feel neglected when you’re spending some alone time is by bringing him along! Nothing will make you feel better about getting away from everything than having your boyfriend right there with you the whole time. Go for a hike to clear your head, but have your man tag along a few steps behind so he won’t be bored. Giving your man this close proximity to you while cleansing your mental palette is necessary if you want to remain a couple instead of just two strong, independent people that enjoy spending time together.


Remember that taking care of yourself both mentally and physically is incredibly important, but not at the expense of your man’s feelings. You can be your own woman, just as long as your man feels safe. Finding a true balance between your necessary unencumbered individuality and your man’s delicate vulnerability is the recipe for true love. Now get out there and get that alone time!