5 Reasons It’s Chill That There Has Never Been a Female President

You know what’s not crazy at all? That there has never, in the history of the United States of America, been a female president. Everyone who has ever reached the highest level of power in our nation has been a man—and not only is that not a huge deal, it’s actually kind of fine. Let’s just let this one go. Anyway, here’s why it’s chill that there’s never been a woman president.


1. There have only been 43 presidents so far.

In the context of human history, that’s practically nothing! We’re a young country. So if you look at the list of the only people who have ever gotten to be president over a mere two centuries (that went by really quickly) and you immediately see a pattern, like that they’re mostly white and all male, you might just be looking for what you want to see. We’ve got thousands and thousands of U.S. presidents ahead of us if we keep up the good work, so you know, just go enjoy your night for once!


2. Men are doing a pretty good job, all things considered.

Men in power have shown a surprising capacity for understanding women’s experiences, especially considering they’re not women. The fact that they consider us at all is pretty neat! We’re not forced to get married at 14 anymore, so it’s like, cut them a break!


3. Electing a female president is inevitable; we just have to be patient.

Look; we will eventually find a woman who can somehow seem knowledgeable while not threatening and appealing but not weak. If you truly care about this country, you should be willing to wait as long as it takes for the perfect female candidate who is 100% pleasing and delightful with no bad things. Plus it would be kind of rude to cut men off in the middle of what they’re doing.



4. Having a female president would not be revolutionary cause Angela Merkel beat us to it.

Many people have suggested that electing a female president would shatter the topmost barrier for women, challenge antiquated notions about gender, include more Americans in the political process, and upend power structures deeply ingrained in our culture. But Angela Merkel and whatshername from that other place already did all that. There’s a strict hierarchy of how officially revolutionary certain things are, and unfortunately this currently ranks pretty low.


5. Why are you making such a big deal about this, anyway?

Honestly, you’re probably just using this whole “Emily’s List” thing to distract yourself from problems in your own life. Maybe instead of taking a look at statistics about female leadership’s direct, positive effect on social wellbeing, take a look in the mirror. We’re sorry, but this just feels like a “you” thing right now.


American democracy is extremely complex, but one thing is clear: It’s totally cool that there’s never been a female president. And who knows? Maybe in future generations, there never will be. And that’s fine too! We are chill.