13 Different Ways to Say ‘Great, Thanks!’ in an Email

The ol’ “Great, thanks!” is the most reliable tool in any woman’s email belt. And yet, sometimes you just need a different way to say it, because even though you need to say, “I received and understand your message and I approve of its contents,” you actually want to say, “Get a life, Claire!” Here are 13 various ways to send “Great, thanks!” to someone’s inbox depending on your desired subtext.


1. “Great, thanks!”

The standard way to say, “I wanted to confirm that we have finished discussing what we were discussing.” This is always appropriate. Use this for work emails and people you have no real emotions toward whatsoever.


2. “Great. Thanks!”

A twist on a classic, for when you need to change things up a little. Send to your landlord after you already used “Great, thanks!” six times in the email thread about getting your heating fixed. The period after “great” is aggressive enough to get your blood warm, which will feel good!



3. “Great! Thanks.”

Two monosyllabic sentences, with an exclamation mark followed by a period, conveys that you do in fact find their message to be great, and that your thanks is genuine. Use this when you’re notably more excited than thankful, like when a prospective employer says you’ve been rejected but totally should apply again some other time.


4. “Great. Thanks.”

Wow. This one’s cutting. Only use if you are okay with the recipient understanding you basically just said “FUCK YOU.” Send to your yoga teacher after she refuses to refund this month’s fee, even though you just broke your tibia.



Type this when you are experiencing true joy. Reply with this when someone tells you that you just won a cruise and it doesn’t even look like spam.


6. “GREAT THANK$$$$$$$”

Use this when you’re rich! Don’t worry about people thinking you’re insane or on drugs. You are rich now, and you can type in all-caps whenever and however you want, like Cher.


7. “great thanks!”

Send this to your boss when you want to seem extremely chill about something you’ve been gunning for all year. You’ll seem all, “A raise? For me? I guess I’d be down.”


8. “Great—thanks!”

Ideal to send to someone who has doubted your word-processing skills. Prove to your dad that you know how to make the short dash a long dash! That’ll really make him proud.


9. “Great thanks!!!”

Use this when you’re in a hurry (while being chased, for instance), and always follow it with a “Sent from my iPhone,” even if you type it out manually. You want people to think you’re about to be almost hit by a bus.



10. “gr8 thx”

Suitable for when you’ve already used “Great, thanks!” so many times that it physically hurts you to type it again, no matter how unprofessional it looks.


11. “great!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

This is an easy way to thank your friends for checking up on you after your breakup, and also let them know you are not doing well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


12. “Great? Thanks?”

Send this to your aunt after she sends you an article about why the millennial generation is doomed. Get lost, Aunt Janet!!! Your generation ruined it for everyone!


13. “Great…..thanks……”

Use this when you’re emailing with an ex-roommate who just unleashed a deluge of rage at you for skipping out on three months of rent. The ellipses show her that you’re taking your damn time in this email and in general.


Remember, sending an email is a simple thing that can end up being really stressful. If you’re still at a loss for words after trying these options, you can always throw all of your devices into a lake and move to the wilderness! Great, thanks!