Trader Joe’s Employee Wants to Be Clear They Have to Card EVERYONE

On your recent visit to Trader Joe’s, Bruce, the cashier who carded you, made it crystal clear that “we actually have to card everyone,” the moment you appeared flattered by the request.


“We have to do this with literally everyone,” he continued, as if he’s done this before. “No matter how old they look. We have to do it either way.”


Bruce’s needless clarification to your small moment of feeling yourself put a real damper on your mood as you exited the store with your reusable grocery bags, like the responsible 34-year-old adult you are.


“I guess, it’s just… he didn’t have to say that,” you explained, reliving the moment when you handed over an I.D. with a birth date that occurred well before 1998. “I mean sure, I don’t look 20. But he could’ve let me have that thrill. Just for a moment.”



Instead, Bruce looked at the date on your I.D. and explained, “Yup, that’s around what I would’ve guessed. I’ve gotten pretty good at doing the math.”


Asked if this is his usual manner of dealing with customers, Bruce confirmed our suspicions.


“Oh yeah, I tell everyone about the rule. ’Cause it’s just such a dumb rule, y’know?”