How to Tell Your Straight Friend You’re Still a Lesbian Even Though You’d Fuck Harry Styles

Sexuality may be fluid, but the labels that society puts upon us are not. So it can be confusing for your straight friends when you, as a lesbian, tell them that you would absolutely fuck Harry Styles. While this may seem like a no-brainer to your queer friends, some people just need a little extra information to understand how these things work. Here’s how to break it down for them:


“I’m attracted to a soft masculine energy.”

Once you get away from the fact that Harry is technically a straight, cis man, you can open up your straight friend’s world by defining your sexual identity in a different way than they typically see it. Most importantly, you have to tell them that Harry embodies this energy in a confusing yet powerful way, and for that reason, you absolutely must fuck him. Lesbian or not, that’s just how it is.


“Gender is performative.”

It’s always a good idea to pass along a Judith Butler reader to any straight friend you might have, but try to go into a little more detail in this particular case. Gender and sex are two fundamentally different things, and Harry’s spectacularly sexy performance of gender is what makes him uniquely and undeniably fuckable to anyone with a libido. Right? Anyway, you’re still a lesbian.


“Harry seems like he would be into it.”

The cool thing about Harry Styles is that he seems like he’s into non-heteronormative sex. And wouldn’t having sex with a lesbian be an inherently queer act? Try to explain this to your increasingly confused straight friend, all the while repeating that Harry would definitely be into specifically having sex with you. Not just any lesbian – you.



“I would top him.”

No further questions!


Straight friends may have a hard time understanding the nuance of being queer, but that doesn’t mean they can’t learn. Take some time and teach them about your whole deal while also going into exhausting detail about exactly what you would do to that soft, skinny little body of his, right after you both process your feelings together for several hours. Hot, right?