Straight Woman Prefers Lesbian TikTok

In a developing story out of her bedroom in Detroit, MI, heterosexual woman Ashley Brady has fully realized that she just prefers Lesbian Tiktok.


“After casually browsing Tiktok for months, I just found most people to be vapid, unfunny, or kind of boring,” Ashley says. “But as soon as I got served a video of a woman showing off her six-pack? I was like, damn, this is for me.”


Ashley, who is straight, agrees that human beings are complicated – and so are her tastes in Tiktok.


“I definitely hooked up with some girls in college, and I realized it just wasn’t my thing,” Ashley says. “But as soon as there’s a long-haired butch with a line cut out of her eyebrow licking her lips and staring seductively, I’m absolutely here for it.”



“Yeah, Ashley’s on Tiktok a lot,” says her boyfriend, Jamaal Terry. “But we have an honest relationship and a good sex life, so I’m like, okay, do you.”


At press time, Ashley could be found falling asleep to a 6’2” lesbian explaining the stock market for some reason.