QUIZ: Is He Funny or Does He Just Verbalize Popular Memes?

Dating someone who can make you laugh can be a really important part of the relationship. Fortunately, there are plenty of guys out there with a great sense of humor and an uncanny wit. But is the guy you’re with actually funny, or does he just repeat memes he’s seen on social media and pass them off as some kind of original joke? Take this quiz to find out if he’s funny or just kind of likes to play joke tee-ball with memes that have already been beaten to death:


When you’re going for a walk, does he…

  1. Tell you a hilarious story about when he got in a walking accident and the ambulance had to be called – true story! Only he can tell a story that good!
  2. Do the Kathryn Hahn WandaVision wink, over and over. He won’t stop until you laugh at him so you better do it soon.


When you ask him what he’s up to, what does he say?

  1. He makes a pretty smart callback to something you both laughed about the other day over the phone.
  2. He says, “I’m here, I’m not a cat,” for some reason. When you don’t respond, he says, “Remember? The cat lawyer guy? Remember????”

When you tell him about a little accomplishment you’re proud of at work, how does he respond?

  1. He congratulates you while making a pretty funny, self-deprecating joke.
  2. He just keeps saying, “We did it, Joe!!” for some reason.


When you’re watching the sunset quietly sitting together, what does he do?

  1. He points out the couple having sex over there. Ha! That’s crazy!
  2. He starts singing another sea shanty.




Mostly 1’s: He seems pretty funny. Looks like you got yourself a catch! As long as he’s not a full-time comedian, you should hang onto this guy!

Mostly 2’s: This man is not funny. He is just repeating memes. If this were the 2000’s, he would have been conversing entirely in Family Guy quotes. If this were the 2010’s, it would be memes from The Office. This type of man exists in every generation and he must be avoided at all costs. Run!!