QUIZ: Is He Going to Fall in Love With You Even Though You Asked Him Not To?

Have you recently been spending time with a guy who’s been sending mixed signals even though you specifically asked him not to fall in love with you? Has his hand occasionally brushed against your hand while you two were walking somewhere? Well, he might be falling in love with you despite your extremely clear instructions. Find out for sure with this quiz!


Have you two been forced to spend time together, either through a group project or a random adventure you both stumbled upon?

  1. Yes, my biology teacher paired us up and said, “You’ll thank me later”
  2. No, we met on Tinder.


Have you had a past experience where someone fell in love with you, and then your precious friendship was ruined?

  1. Yeah, my best friend of 12 years just confessed his love for me a few months ago. It ruined everything.
  2. No? That sounds incredibly specific.


What was his reaction when you asked him not to fall in love with you?

  1. He laughed it off with a “Ha, yeah, right!”
  2. He looked at me confused and said, “That’s a really weird thing to say on a first date.”


Does it seem like he’s starting to fall in love with you?

  1. Well, kind of. Sometimes he picks an eyelash off my face, and one time we ended up drinking together and he said I was “so cute” but then trailed off…
  2. He hasn’t really responded to my messages in a few days.





Mostly 1’s: He’s falling in love with you even though you specifically asked him not to. It seems like you probably have some deeply personal reasons for not wanting him to fall in love with you, but if history tells us anything, you’re probably falling in love with him too! Go be in love!!!!


Mostly 2’s: It seems like you have scared off a perfectly fine Tinder prospect by being weird about him falling in love with you. The good news is he’s not in love with you unless that is the opposite of what you actually wanted. Life isn’t a movie for everyone – sorry girl.