QUIZ: Is He Really an Ass Man or is it More Just a Case of Resource Scarcity?

So, is he a tit man or an ass man? People have asked this question for centuries, but sometimes the answer isn’t always clear: Some men claim to be one or the other, but others are merely claiming to be an ass man when the real issue is a case of resource scarcity – or vice versa. So how can you tell if he’s an ass man or if he’s in a region where asses are more ubiquitous? Take this quiz to find out.


When he looks at other women, does he…

  1. Tend to focus on their ass.
  2. Tend to focus on their ass, but only because there is a curious lack of other body parts on these women.


Do you live in a region where women tend to have prominent breasts, or other meaningful body parts?

  1. Yes!
  2. Now that I think about it, no…why is that? How did I never notice? What is this place??


When you’re engaging in foreplay, what does he focus on?

  1. My ass! Like, all the time! Wow, he loves my ass.
  2. He kind of just says, “I love your ass” in a monotone voice that feels kind of forced, while he looks at photos on his phone of exotic women with body parts that I don’t have – like faces, torsos, and limbs? Wait, what is wrong with me?


Are you just one Giant Ass living among a population of people who look just like you?

  1. LOL, no!
  2. Fuck.



Mostly 1’s: He’s a bonafide ass man! You know your man well! Lucky you! Now go let him enjoy that fine ass of yours.

Mostly 2’s: You are in a curious region where people are primarily ass-based creatures, and he’s an ass man because he literally has no other choice. Wow, girl – that’s really messed up! You should probably look into this cause this is a really fucked up thing that someone should have discussed with you! It’s time to have a serious talk with your man!