Girl From High School Obsessed With Hedgehogs Actually Owns Hedgehog Now

In a surprising story out of Clara Wilkinson’s hometown, high school friend Anna Casero, known in high school as “hedgehog girl,” actually owns a hedgehog now.


“Back in school, she had hedgehogs all over her notebooks and binders and wouldn’t shut up about how precious they are,” said Clara. “At that age, I thought it was just a way of expressing herself. I certainly never thought she’d be ready to take care of one for anywhere from two to five years.”


“Hedgehogs can eat fruit and stuff, but what they really want to eat is bugs,” said Clara. “And there’s Anna on her Facebook stories, just stuffing that thing’s face with bugs every single day. Guess she really wanted that hedgehog this whole time.”



“I’m impressed Anna knew what she wanted at such a young age,” said another high school friend, Jessica McClintock. “But aren’t they illegal to own here? That’s taking on a big risk for something that you really get the most out of just looking at a picture.”


“But in a way, I’m inspired by her persistence,” she added.


Reached for comment about her decision to pull the trigger, years later, on an animal that mostly just sleeps all day, Anna continues to embody her weird kid energy.


“Yeah, I finally did it,” she explains. “This plan has been in the works for over a decade.”