QUIZ: Is It Saturn’s Return or Did You Just Get Kicked Off Your Parents’ Health Insurance?

Your Saturn return can be a powerful point of change in your life. For many people, this often challenging time forces us to reassess our careers, relationships, and life paths in ways that can completely change our future life trajectory. But has your life been upended because it’s your Saturn return, or have you just been kicked off your parents’ health insurance because you’re 27 now? Take this quiz to find out:


What was the moment you realized your current path was not working for you?

  1. I was starting to feel unfulfilled with my work in an hourly wage job and felt that I was capable of so much more.
  2. I broke my hand skateboarding, and when I went to the emergency room, they were like, “Can I see your insurance card?”


What is driving your desire for change?

  1. A strange kind of dread that set in around age 26 that my life was passing me by and I had yet to become my True Self.
  2. The hospital bill, and subsequent need for medical care.


What kind of life change are you seeking?

  1. I don’t know exactly what it is yet, but I think I’ve been too afraid to chase what I really want in the past, and I want to do it before it’s too late.
  2. A full-time job with benefits, or at least an Obamacare plan with a less than $6000 deductible.


What would you say is your weakest point about yourself that you want to change?

  1. Probably a lack of ambition, or fear of failure.
  2. Probably the hand, right now, which is starting to heal weird. Also the undiagnosed ADHD.




Mostly 1’s: You’re in your Saturn return! Don’t worry – everybody goes through this massive upheaval at some point, and you may come out of it in a few years with greater clarity about yourself and what you want out of life. Embrace the process, even if it’s rocky!

Mostly 2’s: You’re in your Saturn return, but you mostly got kicked off your parent’s health insurance. These things tend to happen, so don’t be so hard on yourself! We don’t have any good advice – we’re just here to affirm the reason for your suffering!