‘This Site is a Hellhole,’ Tweets Woman Who Will Check for Likes 48 Times

Yesterday afternoon, 29-year-old Jocelyn Bloom tweeted about her disdain for Twitter in a long thread that she has been feverishly checking for likes and retweets ever since.


“This site is a hellhole (1/n),” she tweeted before refreshing her notifications tab five times. “This festering pile of hate speech is where nuanced discourse goes to die (2/n).”


Jocelyn, who has a modest but respectable 1,287 followers, proceeded to tag several people in the thread that might also agree.


“Sites like this are breaking all our brains,” said Jocelyn, whose screen time is up 300% this week. “Everybody go outside and take a walk because you all sound insane on here.”



“It’s impossible to say anything without getting a million trolls in your comments,” she said after feverishly checking for replies. “And I for one am sick of it.”


Hours after posting, Jocelyn was wondering how this intense level of truth-telling only got seven likes and zero retweets and decided to retweet the thread just in case anybody missed it.


“It’s pretty clear that only extreme takes and bad behavior are rewarded here,” she said, completing the thread. “I’ll be taking a break from Twitter now.”


At press time, Jocelyn was DMing her friends with over 5,000 followers, asking them to re-tweet if they agree.