‘Let’s Focus On What’s Really Important,’ Urges Woman Who Posted 12 Times About ‘Full House’ Reunion

Distraught by the sudden proliferation of political posts on her Facebook feed, Karen Williams has urged that her community of social media followers “focus on what’s really important.” Judging by the 32-year-old’s feed, that isn’t the current political landscape, but instead any news about the Netflix Full House reboot and other nuggets of 90s nostalgia.


“It feels like every year, there’s a new president or senator that everyone’s complaining about,” Williams says. “But all that stuff—it doesn’t matter. It’s not what life’s really about. Life is about all of us loving each other and enjoying life.”


Williams is baffled by her friends’ insistence on cluttering her feed with articles, petitions, and photos from protests. She especially hates to see arguments in the comments.


“These days, everyone is jumping down each others’ throats for no reason,” she laments. “Everyone’s a ‘racist’ or a ‘sexist.’ I would never judge anyone based on their opinions or beliefs. Although if you didn’t like Fuller House, I don’t get it—do you hate fun?”


Some of Williams’s friends, on the other hand, have blocked her because of her insistence on posting every available article about the Netflix revival of Full House, from “36 Reasons Why Kimmy Gibbler Is My Spirit Animal” to leaked photos from the set to petitions to get the Olsen twins on next season.


“I don’t care why Mary Kate and Ashley didn’t do the Full House reunion,” says Williams’ Facebook friend, Alicia Ortega. “But clearly Karen really, really does.”



Over the holidays, Williams defended her most closely held value — only talking about innocuous things — to a wide array of her relatives. At her family’s holiday get-together on Christmas Eve, she took a bold stance against talking politics by covering her ears and yelling “Nope. Nope. None of that!” every time her nephew brought up Donald Trump’s cabinet picks.


“When I’m with my family and friends, I don’t want to talk about that stuff,” she explained. “That’s the time to talk about nice things we can all agree on, like how Candace Cameron Bure looks amazing!” Some of Williams’s other favorite conversational topics include The Notebook, food blogs, and “why can’t Beyoncé put on some clothing, she’s a mom.”


Yet when it comes to politics, Williams hasn’t been completely silent. During the 2016 election, she made her voice heard on a key issue: getting way too many phone calls from political campaigns.


“Seriously what’s the point of those calls?” Williams reportedly asked, who has not voted in an election for the past eight years.


Williams, who does not read or watch the news, is hopeful that in the next few months, her feed will again reflect her core values, which include Netflix and chill memes, Saved by the Bell references, and inspirational quotes transposed upon beach scenes.