College Student Excited to Do Some Back-To-Home Shopping

After a severe COVID-19 outbreak at Georgia College this month, 19-year-old Sharlene Evans is excited to hit her local Bed, Bath and Beyond and Target for some exciting back-to-home shopping.


“I pretty much returned everything I bought in August so that I can buy a better computer,” Sharlene told us. “I was supposed to be getting drunk 400 miles from my parents right now. This sucks.”


Due to early frat parties and very few students wearing masks on campus, Georgia College faced one of the biggest COVID-19 outbreaks out of any college in the U.S., and now many are considering the exciting move back home for the school year.


“Now I guess I can buy stovetop Mac & Cheese instead of Easy Mac,” added Sharlene. “Great.”


Sharlene is making big plans for all the different pairs of sweatpants she’s going to wear while Facetiming with her friends in Georgia, or hanging out with her one friend from high school who is still around.


“The back-to-home season is so exciting,” says Sharlene’s mother, Angela. “I can’t wait to have my daughter around all year long in a quarantine-like situation where she can never really leave, except to go shopping.”


At press time, Sharlene was excitedly shopping online for various locks to put on her bedroom door.