Wow! Parents Full-blown Obsessed With Another Show You’ve Never Heard Of

George and Joan Atkins of Rye, NY have been using this time to catch up on a variety of shows, and this includes their most recent favorite, Orange Dust, a show the rest of us have never heard of and can’t even find when we try.


“It’s with the guy with the mustache and the blonde woman,” George will explain to his daughter Lauren, the exact line he’s said about three other shows they’ve watched as of late that Lauren had also never heard of. “Every episode has a different story and characters, but with the same guy with the mustache and blonde woman. It usually ends the same way. It’s fantastic, you’ll love it!”


“Is it on cable? Do you have to stream it?” Lauren will ask in a thankless attempt at real information as her mom yells in the background, “It has the blonde woman from that movie that we saw that time!”


George then goes on to say they’ve watched four seasons of Orange Dust in the past week. They’ve also joined a Facebook fan page and participated in a virtual Q&A, which was very fun and teased next season, the eighth apparently. They also ordered a bunch of fun swag including a bandana for the dog and a t-shirt if Lauren wants one.



How a show can go on for nearly eight years and leave no trace that Lauren or the public at large picked up on is a true modern mystery.


“I used to think I watched a lot of TV, but my parents have made me realize that maybe I’m only just scratching the surface,” said Lauren, who subscribes to seven different streaming services. “I’m really starting to wonder if there’s some sort of parents-only platform somewhere that I don’t have access to? Or maybe they’re just watching the same show over and over again? I’d really like some help figuring this out.”


Just when they had begun to get somewhere and established that Red Dust is indeed on regular cable, George suddenly exclaimed, “I have to go, Banana Case is starting!” and promptly hung up.