Woman Who Got New Job Now Sad She Has to Work

Hacked Woman - Reductress

A victory short-lived: Queens resident Gretchen Means was sent an offer letter for a job during COVID-19, but now is understandably upset about having to work.


Since receiving the offer letter, Gretchen has spent a total of 18 hours moping about how she has to work now that she has a job.


“I just wish unemployment could have lasted longer. Sure, I was miserable the entire time because I was worried about not making rent, but now that I know that I’m going to eventually have a job, I can enjoy it worry-free,” Gretchen said. “Can’t it last just a bit longer?”


Gretchen’s roommates have conflicted feelings on the matter.



“I’m happy because now I don’t have to cover her half of the rent, but I knew she would hate it,” Laurel Garcia said. “She hated every job before this. That’s just her personality.”


This foresight has not stopped Gretchen from truly not being able to deal with having to work.


Gretchen Means has since been speaking to her therapist about how she rejects capitalism and thinks no one should ever have to work, even if it’s just part-time at a Costco cash register.


“I just, I don’t want to do it. Any of it,” she said before a tear silently rolled down her cheek.