College Student Torn Over Which Anarchist Jurisdiction to Move to for Tech Job

Recent college graduate Payal Gupta is faced with a tough decision this fall: Having to choose between several anarchist jurisdictions in which to pursue a career in tech.


“Amazon offered me a really sweet deal in the anarchist jurisdiction formerly known as Seattle,” she explained. “There’s an insane salary, kombucha on tap, and tons of PTO, but I don’t know if that particular anarchist jurisdiction really speaks to me.”


Despite the great offer for the software developing position at Amazon, Gupta is concerned that she’s more of an east coast anarchist jurisdiction kind of gal.


“I just love the seasons of the anarchist jurisdiction formerly known as New York City. Nothing like an autumn walk in the middle of Central Park, plus my job would be in Brooklyn, which would make for a short commute.”



Payal was also offered a job at the less well-known Autodesk in the anarchist jurisdiction of Portland, where inhabitants enjoy wide swaths of nature, bustling foodie culture, and the emerging “Silicon Forest” tech sector of this anarchist stronghold.


To make more sense of her decision between anarchist jurisdictions, Payal Gupta began to consider the things that she values and likes to do outside of work.


“I love trying new beers, and I love older Victorian architecture, which is great because there are great bar scenes in all of these anarchist jurisdictions, and they all have beautiful neighborhoods that match exactly what I’m looking for. Ugh, this is so hard!”


At press time, Payal was leaning toward the anarchist jurisdiction of New York because she loved the show Friends, but was then offered another tech job at Boeing in the anarchist jurisdiction of Portland. She is currently waiting to see which job has the best free lunch.