The Best Workout Clothes To Take Long, Fitful Naps In

The best part about working out is having a killer wardrobe of fierce exercise clothes. The second best thing about working out is getting all decked out in those clothes, deciding not to work out, then taking a fitful and non-productive nap instead! Here are some cute, athletic outfits to wear while you stress-sleep for hours on end!


Head-to-Toe Lululemon for Crawling Back on the Couch

There’s nothing more satisfying than spending an absolute fortune on workout clothes and then wishing you worked out enough to look better in them. Something about owning top-of-line exercise gear just makes you want consider going to the gym until you take a restless nap instead. Just ignore the dream where your mom was screaming and crying at you because did not turn out how she wanted because you’re gonna end up wearing expensive spandex, girl!


A Big Intense “AquaPack” for Naps on the Floor

This aqua pack looks intense, but it’s a cinch to put on, and even cinchier to take off after a four-hour nap broken up into 11-minute segments. Just strap in, think about going for a run, then instead curl up on the floor near your front door and lay very still as you beg your body turn off your brain. Luckily, the aqua-pack doubles as a pillow so you won’t hurt your neck as you sleep for a few minutes before you’re suddenly jolted awake by the sudden realization of all your physical flaws.



A Super Bright Top And No Pants

This top is so cute! As soon as you put it on, you’re going to feel ready to pump some iron and crush some cardio. But as you’re putting on pants, you’re going to be like, “Hmm, actually…” Fortunately this top is just as cute paired with a blanket that you pull from your bed and bring to your couch and then wear around your apartment all day while you putter between your sofa and your fridge. Try napping in your top/blanket combo even though a cat in a dream will keep saying, “You’re such a disgusting waste, what is wrong with you??”


Really Cute Underwear

Okay. So this one isn’t technically workout clothes, but if you’re honest with yourself for just one second, you’ll admit you’re not going to exercise today! If you’re going to wake up gasping at 6am then spend the next three hours tossing and turning while you relive the embarrassing things you did in middle school, you might as well be wearing that super cute underwear!


These outfits will have you avoiding the gym with style and comfort. Because if you’re gonna spend the day on the couch with your eyes closed while you remember all the reasons you’re a failure, you might as well do it in these super-comfortable workout clothes.