Five Halloween Costumes To Wear To Have Your Marvel Knowledge Tested All Night

Halloween is a great excuse to dress up as a sexy and empowered female superhero! In one of these Marvel universe costumes, you’ll feel like you can conquer the world – at least until a guy corners you at the party to see if you know as much about the character as he does. Here are five costume ideas for when you want to be a part of the Marvel universe while being questioned as to whether you’re deserving of access, all night long!


Black Widow

A Black Widow costume is a great excuse to dress up in tight sexy leather and feel fierce as fuck. But did you know that Black Widow is actually the name of several separate characters in the Marvel universe? The guy you’ll meet at your friend’s party is willing to bet you don’t. So sit back and enjoy his detailed analysis of which version of Black Widow is the best one. Hint: it’s definitely not the one you’re wearing right now!




Feeling ready to go all out this year and paint yourself green? A She-Hulk costume is a great excuse to go crazy this year until you get pulled aside by a guy who wants to make sure you understand that the original She-Hulk was the Hulk’s cousin, and that unlike the Hulk, She-Hulk retains emotional control when she turns into the Hulk, so your joke punching through a pizza box probably wouldn’t have been in character. Wow, Halloween is so fun in the Marvel universe!!


Ms. Marvel

The Ms. Marvel costume is fun and powerful, featuring a star or thunderbolt (depending on the era you’re going for). But don’t rock this suit unless you’re aware that the original Ms. Marvel, Carol Danvers, also went by the codenames Binary and Warbird. No matter how little he knows you, some guy will definitely want to make sure you really did your research. With great power comes great responsibility!!



A member of the X-men, Storm is widely known to be one of the baddest superheroes around, so you can flaunt her white hair look with pride! What isn’t widely known about Storm, but Jake from work will tell you, is that her real name is Ororo Monroe, and the character was originally supposed to be a man. So don your Storm costume with a willingness to have that explained to you!


Kitty Pryde

If you’ve ever dreamed of being able to walk through walls, Kitty Pryde is a great costume for you! Just don’t expect to be able to walk through any party in this costume without a guy there questioning whether you know that creator John Bryne named the character after a fellow art student.


Who says superheroes are just for guys? With these costumes you can get in on the fun, while also being reminded that you – a woman – may never be fully deserving of the privilege!