Burn More Calories By Constantly Adjusting Your Workout Pants

Just like a relationship, your workout is always about taking the next step. Bumping up that treadmill another tick, doing a couple more crunches, and actually making it through an entire spin class. But there’s one adjustment you can make to get 1000% more out of your workout: ill-fitting spandex pants that require constant adjustment throughout your workout.


Lycra-blend pants that constantly slide down your butt crack are the key to added anxiety during your next Zumba class or run on the treadmill. According to a new study, the additional movement of constant waistband adjustment could help you burn up to 100 more calories per workout—100 calories more than you would by being perfectly comfortable.



When finding the right workout pants, DO NOT TRY THEM ON—that would be foolish. You want to get as flimsy material as possible. Anything that costs more than $6.00 would be too high in elasticity and your workout would be compromised. Remember: It’s on clearance for a reason.


It’s important to engage multiple muscle groups at the same time during your workout to maximize results. Simply keep running, or if you’re a pussy, ellipticalling, while constantly shimmying up those pants. Hopefully, they’ll drag your underwear down with them and you can go for a rare double pull-up. If you want even more of a burn, pull them up too high so you have to pull them down before pulling them up again. If someone sees your butt crack, you just haven’t been pushing hard enough. Make sure you consult a doctor before trying this advanced workout. Enjoy the burn!