Suspicious! Handsome Man With Job Wants to Date You

Hmm, something fishy is up! Los Angeles resident Alisha Agarwal was recently confronted by a handsome man with a job, and after some conversation, he expressed romantic interest in her.


“At first I thought it was like a Ted Bundy situation,” said Alisha. “But after sifting through all his social media, it seems like he’s just a normal, employed person who wants to get to know me.”


Alisha started getting skeptical when the affronter, 29-year-old Jack Angles, asked her on, in his own words, “a date.” But she was convinced the whole thing was a ruse when he casually referenced not only his job but a healthy relationship to it on the date itself.


Alisha’s instinct to assume an emotionally intelligent and physically attractive man was only pursuing her for deceitful reasons is somewhat justified.


“The last guy I dated had been married for three years,” said Alisha.  “And the guy before him was actually running a long-con to convert me to scientology.”.


Unfortunately it took Alisha way too long to realize that a guy will never leave his wife or The Church of Scientology.


“That’s why I was so confused when Jack asked me out to a public place that wasn’t an Arby’s,” said Alisha. “He even asked me questions. He just let me talk…it was so weird!”


Alisha recalls that the best part of their date, besides not being harassed, assaulted or murdered by him in any way, was that he expressed his wants and needs.


“He said he wanted to take it slow, and I said ‘same’ and that was it,” said Alisha, “I didn’t have to interpret the cryptic meanings behind his texts in a group chat peer review with five close friends. He just told me.”


Even after all this, Alisha was sure that something would go wrong and waited for the other shoe to drop.


“I thought he would at least be bad in bed or something,” said Alisha, “But he went down on me and I saw through space and time.”


After a few months of consistency, Alisha was forced to admit that her suspicions of him being an undercover spy were unfounded and that he was just an ordinary person with good communication skills.


“He goes to therapy and is politically informed and makes great frittatas…it’s like, what’s the catch?” vented Alisha to her close friend.



Alisha informed her friends that while she plans to continue dating Jack, she hasn’t completely let her guard down. But she probably will soon.


“I guess there are just cool people out there who want to date me.” said Alisha. “I think I’m even happy?”