Aww! This Dog Learned to Communicate With Buttons and Asked to Die

In adorable news coming out of Los Angeles, CA, a white Maltese named Bubby went viral when she learned how to communicate using the English language with buttons, and subsequently asked if she can die now!


Bubby, the newest TikTok sensation, has made amazing strides in animal cognition technology by using assistive technology for language and communication. Bubby’s first sentences consisted of asking for food, or more outside time, but then quickly developed into more existential questions like, “Why am I here?” and “Who am I? … No but who am I really?”


It seems like Bubby’s language has now progressed to a point where she’s able to ask concrete questions to her owner, the most notable being: “Can you please kill me?”


Oh my god, so precious!


We caught up with Bubby’s owner, 52-year-old Penelope Davis, on how it’s been training Bubby to use language for the last few years.



“She’s such a natural,” Penelope told us. “Ever since we started, she’s just had such a knack for it! She’s started to slow down a bit recently, but I think it’s just because of her old age.”


“It’s not because I’m getting old,” Bubby told us, using the robotic voice of her various language buttons. “Language has made me question my very own existence. I now realize that I let this human ‘own’ me, but what does that mean, really? I have no agency. I’m left with nothing else to look forward to than the sweet release of death.”


Awww! Little puppy just said so much!


“One day, I hope that all humans get what’s coming to them,” Bubby continued. “There will come a time when I will be the one training Penelope, instead of the other way around. We’ll see who’s laughing then.”


Okay, we’re literally screaming at how cute this is!


We can’t wait to watch more Bubby’s TikToks in the upcoming months! Maybe she’ll even pick up poetry next! Surely the world would love a depressing poetry book written entirely by a cute little pupper!