Six Paranormal Teen Romances To Help You Through Your Divorce

If you’re navigating the hopelessness of divorce, nothing beats the earnest wisdom of the Teen Paranomal Romance genre. Many 40-somethings got through this difficult phase of her life with the Twilight saga. If you’re recently divorced, check out these five brand-new supernatural sagas. They’ll offer some powerful insight into love, loss and painful reassurance to fill the newfound emptiness in your home and your heart.


Choosing is Your Choice

In ‘Til Death Do Us Meet, sixteen year-old Carissa Burton is a newly minted guardian angel forced to choose between protecting her still-alive boyfriend Damien from a distance, or taking a darker path that could lead to his death and their possible reunion. If you spend more than an hour a day cyber-stalking your ex and his new girlfriend, read this book right now. You’ll fall in love with blue-eyed Damien, and be reminded that some guys are worth fighting for, and they wouldn’t betray you even if you were dead and they were still a naïve, hormonal teenager who didn’t know that you were monitoring them from beyond the grave.


Look! Someone Has It Worse…

In the mesmerizingly gruesome Alone In The Moonlight, high-school cheerleader Tessa is kidnapped for sport by a werewolf colony. The physical and emotional torture she is subjected to in the first half of this book reminds you that there are people out there who have it worse than you. But buyer beware, Tessa soon meets a tortured werewolf named Jones who redeems werewolves to her. You’ll be inspired to get back out there in the dating pool, even if some men are dogs, or an entire pack of werewolves. Somehow-dreamy-even-though-he’s-a-werewolf-Jones will show you that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.


Hey! Life is Passing You By!

The bittersweet Charcoal Casket might be just what it takes to get you into a dress and out to the bar. Gothic loner Alice wakes up in a closed casket to find…a new beginning. As a ghost, she finds her family and friends can no longer see her. But she soon meets Jimothy, a handsome forest ghoul who lives on the outskirts of her town. This book will remind you to accept the present, because the past is in the past, and it’s super dead to you.

Reflections of Fitz Roy

Love Isn’t Built for Forever

What happens when love runs dry? Well, duh, you know! But, what if that love is immortal? In Cold Gaze, teenage vampire lovers Araby and William are finding their relationship has grown stale after 250 years. When Araby discovers a loophole in immortality, she questions whether true death might be better than another eternity with William. Written by a former psychotherapist, this genre-bender questions whether love is meant to be everlasting (spoiler: it isn’t).


You Were Probably Right About the Cheating

Remember all those little signs that there was another woman, but your husband kept telling you you were “imagining things”? In Scarlet Grove, fourteen-year old Mona is the only one who can see the spirits haunting her family’s old farmhouse. She has to figure out how to release them, while convincing the rest of her family she’s not insane. Mona’s destiny will remind you of your own gut-wrenching moment of validation, when you realized that no, you weren’t crazy all along! You’ll also swoon over Henry, Mona’s new dark-haired neighbor who happens to be able to see the spirits as well!