Self-Help Your Way To Writing A Self-Help Book

You’ve read so many self-help books, and now you’re ready to write your own! This means you’ve already emerged from stages of denial and codependency. I want you to recognize this, feel it, and celebrate it. Are you? Are you celebrating? Wonderful. Carry that warm feeling with you as you take ownership of writing your own self-help manifesto.

1. Before Anything Else – Find A Support Group, Partner, Life Coach or Leader:

Does this seem antithetical to “self-help?” Sure. But you don’t want your self-help book to just be helpful to yourself; you want your self-help book to be used by other selves so they can help themselves to find their own support group or life coach.

2. Make Yourself Happy:

Why be sad when you can be happy? No one wants to read a self-help book by someone who seems to need a lot of help. Give up your addiction to misery so you can be fully prepared to help others give up their own addictions to negative thought patterns and behaviors.

3. Cultivate Your ‘A-ha!’ Moment:

Breakout the inner giant within you by feeling the fear, and choosing to love it, but choosing to actually love yourself more, then promptly say “A-ha!—I am having a moment!” Then use sheer force of will to bring about epiphanies that will create content for your book that somehow leads others to their own inner A-ha’s!

4. Don’t Want. Will:

You don’t want to write a self-help book. You Will write a self-help book.

5. Put It “Out There”:

To the Universe, that is! Close your eyes and imagine what writing a self-help book looks like to you. Put that inside a bubble, and send it up. You know how the law of attraction works. You’ve given the Universe something and it has absolutely no choice but to return the favor and making your fantasy a reality. Now live that dream of self-helping others to creating their own self-help books, articles, and lectures!
So, there you have it. Follow these tips and your book will practically self-help itself into existence.