Short-Haired Bride Shocks and Disgusts Wedding Guests

short haired bride

Guests at the wedding of Calista McIntyre and Joey Sermano were appalled last Saturday when they learned that the bride had recently gotten a short, pixie haircut.
“You hear about these kind of things and think ‘my child would never do that, it will never happen to me,’” commented Debbie McIntyre, the mother of the bride. “But here we are.”
The roughly 150 guests ranged from close family members of the bride and groom to coworkers of their parents. Those in attendance were revolted that McIntyre’s hair was too short to put into a French twist, a center-swept knot or even a chignon.
“I feel like I don’t even know her anymore,” commented bridesmaid Sofia Peters, McIntyre’s college roommate. “I was helping her plan the wedding and we never discussed this as a possibility. Never.”
The groom’s cousin Bernadette Kelso, a resident of Chicago, had traveled 2000 miles to attend the Newport Beach, California wedding.

“I came all the way from Chicago for this,” she commented. “I was airsick on the plane. But then today’s incident made me a thousand times sicker.”
“You expect a day like this to be beautiful.” added Kelso. “It’s the most important day of her life and she just threw it all away.”
Father of the bride, Randall McIntyre, was tearful as he gave his daughter away. “I couldn’t hold it together,” he says. “We spent so much money on the photographers. Who’s going to want to look at those photos now?”