Bride Requests Facebook ‘Likes’ on Wedding Album In Lieu of Gifts

Bride Requests Facebook Likes in Lieu of Gifts

After a disappointing amount of ‘Likes’ on the couple’s engagement photos – black-and-whites of Lily and her fiancé, Tom, snuggling on hay bales outside a barn – Anderson is not taking any chances. Instead of registering for blenders and sheets, the bride asked that all wedding guests ‘Like’ all photos in the Facebook album that will be uploaded immediately following the ceremony.

“If it doesn’t go viral on Facebook, what’s the point in taking months of planning just for a $50,000 ceremony for only 275 people?” said Lily as she sipped rosé in her wedding veil. “Photos of life’s best moments are today’s social currency, and if it this wedding doesn’t make it to the front page of Huffington Post, then it basically didn’t happen.”
While Lily has not limited her guest list to the social-media inclined, she strongly encourages any plus-ones have at least 5,000 Instagram followers or a Klout score of 55.
Lily and Tom have also invested an additional $10,000 in a 3-D photo booth for the reception to capture the most candid moments of the couple’s special night.