Elementary School Bans ‘Faggy’ Attire to Prevent Bullying

Faggy Clothing

In efforts to be proactive on the growing problem of bullying, a North Carolina elementary school has banned all “faggy” clothing from being worn on school premises.


“We’re just trying to protect the kids,” says one school administrator of the school, which houses second, third and fourth graders. “Faggy clothes are just a trigger for bullying.”


According to the revised school handbook, anyone wearing clothes deemed too “faggy” by school administrators would be sent home, or asked to put on clothing that is “less faggy.”



“One boy decided to wear some colorful parachute pants for field day, and all of the teachers were all pretty embarrassed for him,” said one teacher about six-year-old Leslie Spelling. “We pointed at him and got ourselves a good laugh, then asked him to change into something more reasonable.”


“Leslie,” another teacher added. “What kind of a faggy name is that, anyway?”


Amid concerns that this new rule unfairly targets boys, one teacher noted, “We’re definitely working on adding in some language about banning those dykey cargo shorts.”