Inside the Reductress Office: Why We Added a Breastfeeding Room

Reductress Office

The Reductress loft is abuzz today with another exciting office renovation! Co-founders Beth Newell and Sarah Pappalardo called the staffers together this afternoon to celebrate the grand opening of the very first breast-feeding lounge, in spite of the fact that none of us have children.

“This is a really important day for us,” said Pappalardo. “We want to make sure everyone on staff knows that we think it is perfectly okay to think about wanting to have children. Not only is this lounge a place for them to take a moment to have those special thoughts, but it also reassures them that if they do end up having babies, they’ll have a safe and secure place to take care of their mom business.”

“I think we’re really ‘walking the talk’ with this one,” echoes Newell. “At Reductress, we’re constantly telling our readers that they can have it all. What kind of company would we be if we weren’t showing our staffers that we are 100% committed to that philosophy?”

Armed with mimosas, staffers spent Tuesday afternoon taking turns perching on the lounge’s plush Herman Miller sofa and experimenting with the hospital-grade Ameda Platinum Electric Breast Pump.

“This is really special,” said contributing writer Megan Meadows, surveying the room, her eyes brimming with tears. “I mean, I spend so much time thinking about whether or not I even want kids, and now, it’s like Reductress has given me my own little thinking spot.”

By close of business Tuesday, the staffers had yet to determine whether the high-end breast pump actually works. IT Manager Cliff Minor was asked to take the pump home to his nursing wife for confirmation that it can indeed be used by the employees if or when they choose to step into motherhood.