Self-Proclaimed ‘Old Soul’ Pretty Awkward Around Her Grandma

Despite constantly claiming that she has the soul of someone generations older than her, 25-year-old Carrie Mann was weirdly uncomfortable around her 80-year-old grandmother yesterday.


“I’ve always been an old soul,” Carrie said. “Since middle school, my friends were several grades above me, and I first sat with the adults on Thanksgiving at six years old.” 


However, despite previously joking that she has a “borderline geriatric heart and soul,” when Nana brought up her husband’s fatal heart attack, Carrie reportedly could only say: “Yikes” and couldn’t maintain eye contact for the rest of dinner.



This behavior comes as a shock since only a few days ago on Nana’s birthday, Carrie generously provided her with an extravagant social media post that read: “Happy birthday to my best friend. I can’t believe when you were pregnant with my mom, she was developing all the eggs she would ever have, including… me! We had fun back then, didn’t we? Love you, Nana.”


Carrie also posted a video on her close friends story of her and Nana wearing sunglasses captioned: “She is so crazy. I feel such a kinship with her.” 


In a desperate last-minute attempt to win back her reputation as a deep person who hates small talk, Carrie asked Nana if any of her friends have died recently. During Nana’s response, Carrie picked all her nail polish off and mumbled: “Oh…whoa… yeah… goddamn…yeah that actually reminds me of, um. Never mind, sorry keep going.”


At press time, after saying an awkward goodbye to Nana and going back home, Carrie made an Instagram story post with her and her grandma that read: “my partner in crime B)”.