Friend Who Texted ‘Okay Sooo…’ Has Been Typing Second Text for 42 Days

In an unsettling turn of events, your friend who promised to tell you some insane drama texted you “Okay sooo,” and has been typing her second text for 42 days and counting.


According to reports, your friend Kendrea told you that she found out some huge news from your mutual friend Lexi, and that she’d explain it all over text. Little did you know that you’d have to wait in suspense for more than a month for her to finish typing it.


“I couldn’t wait to hear what happened,” you told reporters. “Kendrea told me that she found out something about our friend that wouldn’t allow me to see her the same way ever again.”


“Girl you won’t believe this,” Kendrea texted you. “But I just found out what’s been going on with Lexi and it’ll blow ur fucking mind.”


Reportedly, you responded “What happened?” And even though you didn’t think you were asking for that much, Kendrea obviously disagrees since it’s been six weeks since her last finished message.



“I’ve met up with our friend Lexi like four times this month,” you added. “Should I be concerned? Is she dangerous? I have no idea.”


Witnesses report that Kendrea’s three dots are now menacing, not just a cute little way to show that she’s typing something. They taunt you, threaten you, even.


“What the fuck could be taking her so long?” you asked. “I get that it might take awhile to write everything down, but 42 days?! What could have possibly happened that requires this much typing and deleting?”


People close to you have confirmed that, at this point in time, your nerves are completely shot.


“What if our friend is planning to murder me or something?” you said. “Why would she leave me hanging like this?”


At press time, Kendrea finally texted you the second text.


“Wait nvm,” she said. “It was a different Lexi. Sry!”