Ruth Bader Ginsburg Tired of Writing Scathing Dissents

Supreme Court judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg wrote a scathing dissent last Wednesday, stating her growing exhaustion for constantly having to write such scathing dissents for recent decisions made in the court.


After her most recent scathing dissent on the Texas Voter ID law, Ginsburg noted that she’s feeling “depressed” and “tired” after making yet another legally sound argument in dissent to the majority opinion. “I still had some pep in me after the first few,” she adds. “But the old fucks are finally starting to wear me down.”


The 81-year-old Supreme Court judge credits “being in a room full of mostly white men who are usually wrong” as the primary cause of her decline.



“I may not change any discriminatory voting laws,” Ginsburg concludes resignedly, “but at least I’m giving people something to blog about.”


She then retired to her office to take a nap and catch up on The Good Wife.